PRICE HALL – Director / Producer Price is an industry veteran of 30 plus years. An actor, acting teacher/coach, writer, producer and film director (ARTISTS DIE BEST IN BLACK, starring Malcolm McDowell and Luke Goss - “Price is a natural director.” Malcolm McDowell), and the Owner of Repertory Films, LLC. He has produced and co- written a Trilogy of graphic novels about Mine That Bird, winner of the 2009 Kentucky Derby, with plans to produce it as an animated feature film. He is currently in development for his next feature film directorial, THE STREET CLEANER, Spring of 2016.

ARTISTS DIE BEST IN BLACK has been Re-named MISSISSIPPI MURDER and has received International Distribution.

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Working here at #StoneStudios today with a very talented group VO Actors. More pics to come 😎 ... See MoreSee Less

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Last Call - so many of you responded - thank you! I'm placing an order this weekend, so if you want a White Christmas..... Ok so I can't promise snow, but I can show you how to get the whitest teeth you can imagine...even the elves will love it 🙂 so PM me today for yours!

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Even helps 🍷, tea, & ☕️ stains!
And I 😍love the patented 🔬plaque fighting, whitening, clean breath spray for in between 👩‍❤️👩
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As someone who works with actors every day, I know that making that great first impression at auditions or from a stage is critical. When people are ashamed of their teeth, it impacts their confidence. When I saw this - I was excited to get it for myself and to share it with everyone I know! 🦃🎄🎊 Want a brighter smile for the holidays?!🙌🏻🙌🏻 ?! ❤Your whole family will be using this! It replaces both toothpaste AND those awful whitening trays or strips!!
No peroxide / no bleach / removes stains / restores to whiteness / good for sensitive teeth/ dentist recommended🌟
Comment below👇🏻or PM📩 to get yours. Don't wait!!!!
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