About Price

A veteran of the motion picture industry for 30-plus years, Price has worked internationally both on stage and in front of the camera as an actor and musical performer, and behind the camera as a director, teacher/coach, producer, writer and entrepreneur.

Price’s trademark in his training is creating an awareness of, and providing a clear, specific means to, becoming adept at being present in the moment.

Price is the writer and director for the completed full-length feature film, Mississippi Murder, starring Malcolm McDowell and Luke Goss. He is in the early stages of developing his next feature film project to direct called Abandoned for Life, the true story of the life and challenges of a young boy orphaned under Ceausescu’s regime in Romania. Price is also one of the principals in a new independent film production, social media marketing and promotion company, called Repertory Films, LLC/Premonition Marketing.

Price has been teaching and coaching actors in the art and craft of acting for the camera for 32 years, having successfully developed an international company called The Natural Act, for this purpose.

Price has also successfully produced a trilogy of graphic novels based on the real-life success story of Mine That Bird, the racehorse from Roswell, New Mexico, that won the Kentucky Derby in 2009. An animated feature film is planned where he will produce, based upon the trilogy.

Price is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, and makes his home in the Sandia Mountains in Cedar Crest, east of Albuquerque, New Mexico .