A Heads-Up: Mississippi Murder


Set along the colorful Mississippi Gulf Coast, ARTISTS DIE BEST IN BLACK tells the story of a young, flamboyant, want-to-be filmmaker who is found dead, hanging at the end of a red rope, bizarrely costumed like the figures in his artist-mother’s paintings.

The police think the boy’s death is a suicide, but the owner of the controversial art gallery where the boy was found, and the boy’s surrogate mother, Rosemund Wallace, can’t buy it. Enter smoldering and cagey Detective Michael Mavredes and the sparks start to fly.

Together, they uncover the dark underbelly of an ages-old, southern power structure, whose tentacles weave a subterranean network throughout the lives of the city’s elite, and those who want to be. This mysterious cabal looks to provide the answer to the boy’s demise. But, in the end, it’s the secrets we keep that offer the biggest surprises and prove to be the deadliest culprit of all.

ARTISTS DIE BEST IN BLACK is a southern gothic noir thriller that was shot on the Mississippi Gulf coast in the summer of 2013, and was written and directed by Price. The film starred Malcolm McDowell, Luke Goss and Bryan Batt, and an ensemble of fine actors who are all going to be stars. The film is now being distributed worldwide.

Price is now in Development on his next full length feature film, another thriller that deals with the issue of sex and human trafficking, called THE STREET CLEANER. Production is slated to begin in the winter of 2017.


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