I’ve Chosen a Need…NOW WHAT?



At least, now everything, and anything, is possible. Because once you’ve made a choice of a Need to be satisfied, your attention will necessarily be focused on satisfying that Need and where, exactly, that Need gets satisfied…which, if you’ve chosen well, will be outside of yourself…on the other person. It is impossible for your attention to be focused on the lines and/or yourself at the same time as it is focused on someone else. Your attention is going to be “outer focused”, in a world where anything can happen, not just what you have planned. When you exist in the world of “anything can happen”, you have got to be present and ready to deal with anything, and everything, in relationship to the satisfaction of your Need. And because you can never know what that is going to be (do you really believe you ever truly know what’s coming next?), you have got to remain fully alive in the moment…and that’s the breeding ground for surprise and excitement!

In the last entry, we talked about being 60 feet underwater without air, and what your thoughts and attention might be focused on…principally needing and getting air! Well, wherever you’re going to get that air, that’s where your attention is going to be focused. And if you’ve chosen your Need well, that air is coming from only one place…the other person, or persons you are in the conversation with that we call the scene.

You see, point of attention creates focus, and focus will determine whether you are “Acting” or “Being”. When you are working for the camera, which is what we are talking about here, the goal is always to Be, never to Act, which, for the sake of this discussion, means making it happen, as opposed to allowing yourself to explore the moment and discover what you need to do. That’s Being, and that is what the camera demands. Anything else is false, and the camera will sniff it out like a blood thirsty hound on the trail.

And what does focus of attention have to do with any of this? Well, stop to consider the last time you felt “self-conscious”. Where was your attention focused? On your “self”, of course. And can you recall how you felt at that moment? Well, I can pretty much guarantee you it wasn’t alive and interested. More than likely, you felt insufficient. Not enough. And when you feel that way, you immediately try to be more. And when you are working as an actor, and you become self-conscious, and you try to compensate by being/doing more, that’s called Acting, and that gets you gonged.

So, now that I have stated the obvious, ad nauseum, regarding the danger of self-consciousness and the part that plays in the negation of Being, which is the opposite of what the camera demands…NOW WHAT?

Make a choice of a NEED TO BE SATISFIED, and go for it.

And what exactly does that look, feel and smell like? You’ll just have to tune in next time for the CRITERIA OF A NEED.

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