Workshop Followup: Breakthrough Results with Page Parkes Talent in Dallas, TX

This past weekend’s workshop in Dallas with the talent of the Page Parkes Agency was fantastic!

For general info on the ACTING OUTSIDE THE BOX workshop, click here.
Check out some of the testimonials from this awesome and gifted group:

I loved working with price during his Acting Outside the Box weekend intensive; he not only cares about the performance you give, but he cares about where your career is heading. He values the actor’s career vision and wants nothing more than to see you succeed! I would recommend his workshops and personal coaching sessions to anyone, whether an acting veteran or just starting out. You won’t regret it!Amanda Clark, Actress
Price’s workshop went incredibly well. The exercises we went through were not only challenging but fun. I witnessed many breakthroughs in the talents’ performances. Price’s concepts empowered the talent to think on a deeper level. He granted the talent the ability to understand how their insecurities and mental blocks only stood in their way and how to overcome them.

I know that each of the talent who attended this weekend walked away a stronger and more conscious actor. I look forward to working with Price in the future, we were lucky to study under him!Charlotte, Head Talent Agent at Page Parkes, Dallas, TX

I loved the workshop! It really pushed the boundaries of what I felt comfortable with. Thank you for being patient while working with us.Mitch Sinclair, Actor
Price was very inspiring to work with it opened my eyes to a more experienced level of acting. I learned to jump into the experience and to also have a need, to make it a real worthy conversation that people would have.Brandon Ortez, Actor
I had so much fun this weekend!! I thought it was really great and I learned a lot, especially about improv!Alex Elizabeth, Actress
Price, you pushed me to explore areas outside of my comfort zone. I learned to relax and reach deep inside myself to deliver lines in a more organic and conversational manner…thank you for helping me see my acting potential and for teaching me to enhance my areas of strength in acting.Candace Hickey, Page Parkes Agency, Dallas, TX

Excellent work by all, can’t wait to bring The Natural Act back to Dallas in the near future!
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